My friend Scott runs for Sandy Hook victims. Little kids having trouble with Christmas song. And an angel saves a woman in a fender-bender.

Blogger Michael Lewis writes about my husband’s fundraising effort for the Sandy Hook families. Thank you, Michael!

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I first met Scott Sterbens in December, 2005, when I started working at the Daytona Beach News-Journal newspaper. Scott was an assistant sports editor there, and over the next five years he became my best friend at the paper.

We bonded over our shared love and misery of the Jets (we watched the AFC championship game in 2011 at his house, with an unopened bottle of champagne in my car, just waiting to be opened in case of a Jets win. Of course, the champagne stayed sealed), we made all kinds of sarcastic remarks that only we found funny, and we endured the misery of layoff after layoff at the paper, while friends of ours saw their jobs and livelihoods stripped away.

Scott is a true and honest friend, and a really good husband and father, so when I heard what he was doing for the victims of Sandy Hook…

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